My voucher says it's invalid?

This normally becasue the user has tried to redeem the voucher, then gone back to do something else on the project.
In this case, please go to the contact page and we will issue you with a new code. Please give us the following details.
Which website you got the voucher from. What is the code you used. And what product were you trying to redeem.

Why am I having trouble uploading? What does 'Cannot Connect to Server' mean?

If you are receiving the error message 'Cannot connect to server', or your upload does not commence (or keeps restarting), then this means that you most likely have a firewall restriction that is preventing the editor from uploading your file.

If you're using a work network, most work places have network firewalls in place so we'd recommend contacting your network administrator to see if they can add an exception in the network firewall, otherwise you may need to do this from home.

To resolve this issue, you'll need to add an exception to your firewall to allow our editor to upload your project. You can do this by following the below steps:

  1. Go to START > Control Panel
  2. Click on "Security Center"
  3. Click on "Windows Firewall" or "Allow a Program through Windows Firewall"
  4. Click the "Exceptions" tab, or click the "Change Settings" option
  5. Highlight "Foboco" and click "OK"

This will allow the Foboco maker access to the internet.

If our editor is not showing in the drop down list, you may need to click on 'Add Program' or 'Allow Another Program' and select it from the second drop down list that comes up.

If you use a 3rd party firewall (ie. McAffe, Norton, Avast etc..), please consult their website for instructions on how to create an exception. If you're still unable to get around your firewall, please let us know and we'll try to help as best we can.

If your upload stalls part way through, or keeps stopping and starting, then it may be your firewall kicking in and blocking the upload partway through. Following the above steps should resolve this issue.

If you're uploading wirelessly, we highly recommend directly connecting your computer to your modem and trying again. A wireless internet connection works well for bursty traffic such as web browsing, however for sustained uploads such as uploading your project to our servers, wireless connections can be quite unreliable.


Why am I receiving an 'empty page' warning?

The empty photo frame or empty text box warning is used by the editor to draw your attention to the fact that there is a frame or text box in your project that doesn't contain a photo/text. If you can't see this frame, it's possible you've covered it with other photos or text.

So long as you're happy with the affected page as it appears in the work area and 'Preview' function of the editor, you can safely ignore this warning and continue with the ordering process. Please rest assured that empty photo frames or text boxes won't be printed in the final product.


My upload did not complete. How do I start it again without re-ordering?

If your upload has not completed, you can start it again by opening the project on your computer and click the 'Order' button again.

The editor will recognise that the order details have been completed, so you will not be prompted to enter these details again. The editor will instead proceed to upload the project to our servers.

When you're in the uploading process, please also ensure that you choose the option to 'Upload finished pages' instead of 'Save finished pages'. Please also allow for the upload process to finish before you close down the editor.


Can I alter or cancel my order?

Due to the automated system in place and our batch printing production method, we're not able to alter or cancel an order once it has been placed.

We do not have edit access to our customers projects to be able to make any changes, which is why you are asked with the Terms and Conditions if you have checked your order and wish to continue.

With regards to cancellation, when an order is placed it is immediately and automatically submitted to production and combined with other orders to create a batch. In cancelling any given order we'd need to cancel the whole batch which we obviously cannot do.

It is this level of automation and integration that provides us with an efficient process allowing us to create quality products at the current prices. Without this automation, our costs and therefore product prices would be significantly higher.


Why am I getting a 'Missing Photos' warning?

If you're receiving a warning advising of missing photos, or photos that you have added before now have a red exclamation mark in the middle of them, then this means that the editor is unable to locate the photos.

You will still be able to see a thumbnail version of the photos though, to assist you in re-adding the correct photos to the correct spot.

The most common cause of this is if your photos are saved on USB/CD or to an external hard drive.

As these are removable sources of media, the editor is unable to successfully locate photos stored on them.

To avoid this happening, we would recommend to save all the photos you wish to use directly to the computer.

Another cause of this is if you have moved or renamed the photos from the original location where you took them from - as they are no longer there, the file path that the editor has remembered is no longer valid.

To add your photos back into your project, when you open it a window will pop-up saying "The following pictures are missing...". Click on the 'Find Pictures' button.

The editor will then continue with a "Find missing pictures.. " window, which has the pictures listed there. Click on one of the pictures and click the 'Update' button. 

A window should come up to allow you to choose the photo folder (you will not be able to copy them straight off the CD, so please make sure you copy the photo folder to an easy to find location, such as 'My Documents' or the Desktop).

Once you've located the photo that you were intending to update, select the photo and click 'Select'. 

After a moment, the editor should recognise that the other 'missing' pictures are located in the picture folder (if they are all located in the same folder) and will ask you if you would like to update the other missing photos as well. Click 'Yes' and every photo should now be updated and you should be able to click on the 'Continue' button to proceed to editing your project.


end faq

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